Faculty & Staff

Please continue to monitor University, State, and School of Music Covid protocols for planning, in the event of any updates at Stay Safe - Syracuse.edu


Forms for Faculty Funding

  • Pay Request Form for Part-Time Faculty (Additional Pay Request)
    This form is used for part-time faculty, staff, students that are ONLY receiving payment for a one-off type job. i.e. Accompanist, additional player, etc. This form must be completed at least TWO WEEKS prior to the work beginning. Full-time faculty are not eligible for additional pay. Any outside guests must be submitted on a Guest Artist Request Form at least 8 weeks in advance so a contract can be signed.
  • Purchase Request Form
  • Employee Expense Reimbursement Forms (non-travel related, must receive permission prior to making any purchases)

Faculty Travel

  • All faculty traveling on Syracuse University business must complete a VPA Pre-Travel Authorization form prior to traveling.
  • After the VPA Pre-Travel Authorization form has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the Director of the School of Music and an approval will be emailed to the faculty member with their approved budget.
    • Please read the approval email carefully, as it explains what the next steps are and how to submit receipts for reimbursement.
  • After the trip is over, follow the instructions in the travel approval email and submit the Setnor Travel Expense Form.

Guest Artists

  • Guest Artist Request Form (For ALL outside visitors that are not SU employees)
    *If you have trouble tabbing through the form, please make sure you are using Google Chrome as your web browser.

    • All Guest Artist requests must be submitted within 8 WEEKS before the date of the visit. All requests will go through the Artistic Planning Committee regardless of annual proposal deadlines. This form is used for scheduling all events and paying the performers.
    • Guest visits cannot be scheduled without approval of this form. A “Guest Artist” is a featured artist (or their collaborators) visiting the school to provide programming, performance, or a featured activity for a class, masterclass, performance, etc.
    • This would NOT include accompanists for an existing class or recital or Syracuse University Part-Time instructors playing with an ensemble performance. Please submit the Pay Request Form for those types of requests.
    • The request allows for reserving space and resources in the building, and addressing student schedules, so a form must be submitted whether funds are requested or not.
    • The form cannot be saved as you complete it, so it will help if you prepare the information to transfer over to the form for your convenience.
    • All outside guests that are not Syracuse University employees must now sign a Syracuse University contract with specific details about what the guest is doing during their visit, along with payment information. This is a Syracuse University policy.
    • Once the Guest Artist Request form is submitted and approved, faculty hosts will be contacted about the next steps in the process.
    • Please note: current campus  guidelines allow for guests on campus, but they must comply with local and campus directives.
    • All outside guests must be able to complete a withholding form if they are being compensated for their appearance.
  • Guest Artist Budget Worksheet
    Please download and save the worksheet to your own computer before filling it out. Complete the worksheet, then attach it in the space provided on the Guest Artist Request Form. Please do not submit the Guest Artist Request Form unless you have completed the Budget Worksheet
  • Parking Request for Guests Form
    For guests who need parking during non-event hours, please use this form – do not send e-mails or call in requests. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated.  Requests MUST be received at least ONE WEEK in advance to request parking in Irving Garage.  ALL guest parking is in Irving Garage. The QUAD (Q1) LOT is not available unless there is a mobility issue or special circumstance.

Forms for Concerts and Recitals, Recordings, and Special Projects

  • Faculty Concert/Ensemble Services Request Form - This form is required for all events, in order to be sure the event can be properly supported.
    Please note: use of any space requires compliance with applicable  guidelines. Please monitor university, local, and school information for updates.
  • Minors on Campus Program Registration – any program in which minors are involved, including education programs, visits from school groups, clinics, etc requires this form.
  • USE OF FACILITIES for activities outside of university assignments: Current faculty, staff, or students (Party) using campus spaces for programs that are not part of the academic program need to register the program and enter into a short term license for use of the facilities. If the use involves minors, you may be required to have a background check and to take training. If faculty, staff or students are earning money outside of campus earnings while on University owned, operated or controlled property, there may also be tax implications.  It is the Party’s responsibility to comply with all campus policies. Due to limited space and availability, the School of Music is generally able to permit use of facilities only by current faculty, staff, and students. For more information or an agreement for usage, please contact Michelle Taylor (mjtaylor@syr.edu).Please note: current campus  guidelines allow for guests on campus, but they must comply with local and campus directives.
  • Setnor Seating Plans
    Capacity total, 660 (392 on the main floor, 268 in the balcony)
  • Filming: If you are is interested in planning and executing a commercial film, video or similar production on campus, please visit this link to review university procedures and guidelines. https://gcr.syr.edu/syrfilm/procedures/
  • CD Duplication Form (for events recorded in Setnor Auditorium)
  • Recording Project Request Form
  • Convo Audio Request Form
  • Room-availability
  • Crouse room use agreement
  • Live Stream
    The video player will not become active until immediately prior to the concert’s start time. Please note that your listening and/or viewing experience may vary depending on network conditions and your computer setup. Users with fast computers and Internet connections will have the best results.

Faculty Resources

Technical Assistance in Classrooms:  call the help desk at 443-2677 for a faster response time.
Support hours are Mon-Thu 8 am-8 pm, and Fri 8 am-5 pm.

The Learning Environments staff is also happy to meet with individual faculty in their teaching location to assist with use of technology at LEARNING ENVIRONMENT RESOURCES.

Audition Information

  • Audition Requirements (includes classical and JCM audition requirements, and also notes which majors can audition in JCM area)
  • Audition Registration (this is where there are links to dates once they are live, link to the registration website, instructions how to submit online, etc)

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