Music Majors

Please be sure to refer to University, State, and School of Music Covid protocols at this time for your planning


General Information

Forms for Concerts and Recitals, Recordings, and Special Projects

  • Recital requests are for REQUIRED recitals only:
    • Students eligible to participate in recital date selection are Performance Majors, and those students with performance honors who have required recitals.
    • Students who wish to arrange a lecture recital who want to use a classroom will discuss this with their advisor and should schedule with Michelle directly.

    Information will be sent out prior to any dates opening. Students will select dates in the order below:

    • Any students will rescheduled recitals from Spring or Fall 2020 would have the first opportunity to select dates
    • GRAD II – requests open SEPT 28, for one week, filled in order received – then new calendar is sent to Grad I
    • GRAD I – requests open OCT 5, for one week, filled in order received – then new calendar is sent to Seniors
    • Senior – requests open OCT 12, for one week, filled in order received – then new calendar is sent to Juniors
    • Junior – requests open OCT 19, for one week, filled in order received – then new calendar is sent to all. (juniors have a ½ hour, so must share a slot with another junior, and should plan to choose their date and submit one form for their recital. Juniors who do not wish to share a date may request on their own, but may be paired with another student if necessary
  • Student Pre-Recital Jury Form
  • Student Recital Form

Currently, all of the protocols are in place for recitals:

  • masks for performers, including bell covers if applicable
  • number of performers – limited to the recitalist and accompanist – any other performers or set up would need to be discussed to make sure stage capacity is addressed
  • limit of 30 minutes of playing followed by a 30 minute break in which the auditorium is clear.
  • small invited audience only – limited to the jury, perhaps studio members – it can only include current SU students, faculty, and staff
  • Recital Accompanist Agreement
  • CD Duplication Form (for events recorded in Setnor Auditorium)
  • Room-availability and how to access the google calendar - Please note: use of any space requires all applicable PPE at all times and strict adherence to room capacities, which may not allow for a number of activities at this time. Use of rooms also require the 30 minutes of activity followed by 30 minutes of completely empty time for the room air circulation to take place.
  • Live Stream
    The video player will not become active until immediately prior to the concert’s start time. Please note that your listening and/or viewing experience may vary depending on network conditions and your computer setup. Users with fast computers and Internet connections will have the best results.
  • Performance Convo Sign up: To be considered to perform on convo, please fill out this form. All performance requests may not be able to be accommodated. Deadline for submissions is one week prior to the convo.

Setnor School of Music Forms for Music Majors

Applications for Special Programs

Advising Sheets

Use the links below to download the advising sheet for your major. All advising sheets are in Microsoft Excel format.

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